Chess 4.1

Chess 4.1a
New version!!
This version is a little improve of vers. 4.1. Now, the engine is more aggressive!
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CHESS ver. 4.1a.
Chess 4.1a is a great program to play chess and have fun.
His name is in honor of a famous soviet software of 70s because, for me, it was the first chess engine.
Chess 4.1a is not very strong, it may be worth about 1700, 2100 ELO points, this will depend on your hardware.
Technically, it is very traditional and simple. In fact, it does not use sophisticated techniques, such as eg. Hash Table, Null Moves, Killer Moves, etc.. These will be implemented in future versions.

Chess 4.1a supports the main commands of Winboard, and can be used with all GUI that support this format. In the next version, I will try to be more compatible with Winboard.
This version is a little improve of vers. 4.1. Now, the engine is more aggressive!

Play on CLI.
Choice the color (White or Black), or insert a EPD string... And go!
You can save the game in progress at any time, using the "save" command. The game will be added to the file "Chess.log" (in ASCII format).

Openings Book.
Chess 4.1 can use a simple file Openings Book (in ASCII format), but I put very few variations. It's called "chess.ob" (ob = openings book) and was written only by way of example. If any person of good will can complete it, I will be very grateful to him!

Using Chess 4.1 on Arena GUI.
In "command Line Parameters" you have to write: -xboard

Chess41_w32    : for Windows 32bit
Chess41_x64    : for Windows 64bit
Chess41_x86-64 : for Linux 64bit
chess.ob       : openings book (incomplete)

In working:
- more Winboard commands;
- Null moves;
- Hash Table;
- improving evaluation functions;

Chess41 is free for non-commercial use. You can copy it and distribute it without problems. If necessary, you can crack it, to steal its 'very important secrets'!

Zhang Dong.